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ronster: Sorry I meant Roda. Jul 22, 2020 14:32:22 GMT 2
ronster: Sorry I meant RODA Jul 22, 2020 14:32:50 GMT 2
janiemou: The bars, cafe's and restaurants are almost all open, and the one or two still closed are opening imminently. So don't worry. Jul 23, 2020 11:24:39 GMT 2
ronster: Thank you janiemou Jul 23, 2020 11:54:11 GMT 2
ronster: Can anybody advise the current exchange rate in Roda for the GBP please, Jul 30, 2020 11:41:30 GMT 2
janiemou: Just reported it as 1.06-1.07€ to £1 probably about the same as this time last year. Jul 31, 2020 11:27:01 GMT 2
janiemou: Just to say that Dani (Nino's) is back home and in an electric wheelchair to get around as he also has an arm in a sling. Aug 3, 2020 12:02:35 GMT 2
maudy: Hi Jan just wondering if you have any way of clearing all the old threads so it’s easier to get straight to the latest one's Aug 12, 2020 16:52:00 GMT 2
janiemou: Hi Maudy, when you look at a thread, at the top there should be numbers in boxes. Just click on the highest number and you will find the latest post. Aug 13, 2020 16:12:53 GMT 2
maudy2: Still got my fingers crossed to get to Roda on Saturday .fingers and toes crossed actually now hubby is having chirporactic treatment due to hurting his back and having a herniated disc :'( and I have vertigo which i usually have for a week ??? Aug 25, 2020 19:09:10 GMT 2
maudy2: should make a hilarious start for the other passengers holiday though if Tony cant get up the plane steps and I'm spinning around in circles trying to catch him :) Aug 25, 2020 19:10:53 GMT 2
janiemou: It might provide a welcome comic moment :D:D. Look forward to seeing you out here. Aug 26, 2020 13:14:47 GMT 2
maudy: Well that’s a strange Vietnamese thread that’s been started on the forum 🤔 Aug 26, 2020 16:36:11 GMT 2
maudy: On the online photo gallery Aug 26, 2020 16:37:03 GMT 2
janiemou: Hi Maudy it was spam have banned the sender and deleted it. Either Dave or I catch them quickly, but not this time :'( Aug 27, 2020 8:40:19 GMT 2
maudy: Jan why is Danny from ninos in an mobility scooter ? Has he had an op ? I keep seeing him up and down Sept 2, 2020 21:49:33 GMT 2
janiemou: Maudy, Danny was injured when a car went into his scooter. He had to go to the mainland for surgery on his hips and legs also his arm was in plaster. His little girl just escaped with grazes. Sept 6, 2020 8:12:03 GMT 2
maudy: OMG poor Danny but a blessing that his little girl wasn’t hurt more Sept 8, 2020 11:35:15 GMT 2
janiemou: Danny has progressed to crutches, but he does seem to love whizzing about in his electric wheelchair! Sept 16, 2020 10:53:50 GMT 2
maudy: Those Vietnamese persons that keep posting are annoying 😤I keep thinking I’m going to see some more photos but it’s just them trying to lure people to a gambling site 🤬 can’t they be blocked ? Sept 24, 2020 17:22:17 GMT 2