Drunken sailor up for sale??

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maureen: rain here too Kaz Oct 21, 2015 13:24:56 GMT 2
kaz: Oh my, Winter has arrived, curtains are closed, lights are on and heating of course ::) Oct 21, 2015 19:06:53 GMT 2
janiemou: Didn't swim yesterday has had stuff to do, but could have done. Even with the rain it is still warm, a nice time of year here Oct 22, 2015 10:16:51 GMT 2
kaz: Hi janiemou......would you PM me, thanks, Kaz Oct 24, 2015 17:50:27 GMT 2
janiemou: Sorry to say the sun is splitting the sky, and in the sunshine it is soooo hot. Greetings from Roda Oct 27, 2015 10:42:58 GMT 2
kaz: You are a tease janiemou.....although we had a sunny day here, it got rather chilly when it went in ::) Oct 27, 2015 20:22:06 GMT 2
kaz: Hi Maureen...hope you are both keeping well...weather not too bad so far :) Oct 30, 2015 15:29:36 GMT 2
maureen: Hi Kaz, we are ok thanks hope you are, lovely sunny day here really warm hope it will keep for a bit longer. take care .xx :)) Nov 1, 2015 14:59:08 GMT 2
kaz: Same here Maureen, sun is really warm...take care xxx Nov 1, 2015 15:24:55 GMT 2
kaz: Oh well, think our Summer is over, it's not really cold but plenty of rain....stay dry !! ::) Nov 5, 2015 18:15:48 GMT 2
maureen: been a bad day here too kaz it looks like we are going to rain for the next few days. Nov 5, 2015 20:10:52 GMT 2
kaz: yes Maureen....non stop rain here again and yes forecast is the same for the next few days :( Nov 6, 2015 14:12:37 GMT 2
kaz: ANY PICS FROM THE FGT ON SUNDAY (UK) ?? ::) Nov 9, 2015 16:50:25 GMT 2
kaz: Been a brighter day here but the wind is making it feel cold....just thought I'd let you know :) Nov 9, 2015 16:53:26 GMT 2
kaz: Thanks for the FGT pics....enjoy the rest of your journey :)x Nov 10, 2015 20:46:43 GMT 2
artisans: Thanks, kaz - in Wales now x Nov 14, 2015 0:31:23 GMT 2
kaz: Still a long way to go then??......take care and hope weather will be kind for you xx :) Nov 14, 2015 15:46:39 GMT 2
kaz: Hi Maureen...I hope your weather is ok there......have you heard from Sara??? xxx :) Nov 16, 2015 18:52:14 GMT 2
maureen: Hi Kaz. lot of rain and very windy , not heard from Sara.hope you are ok. x Nov 17, 2015 20:13:58 GMT 2
kaz: Hi Maureen, weather the same here...got to check my roof tiles to-morrow....I'm not too bad ta,just worried about Sara with the "mozzies" on her trip??..take care, keep well xx Nov 17, 2015 21:25:29 GMT 2